Heidi KraussAgent • Owner

My adventures through several winters on the freezing decks of a Norwegian fishing trawler in the Bering Sea instilled in me grit, perseverance, and self-reliance. Many years in Telluride doing public relations for the ski area developed my eye for innovative marketing, people skills, and ski legs. As Oliver Stone’s personal chef and a wine consultant I found my passion for all things food and an appreciation for kitchen design. My experience as a ranch hand in Jackson Hole taught me the value of simplicity in life.

It gives me great joy to help people through change, the only constant in life. In the course of my twenty year career I have seen how essential to one’s well-being it is to inhabit a place and a property that truly speaks to you. A home is the most intimate sculpture you’ll experience. The right structure can immeasurably elevate how we nest, gather, nourish, and create our daily rhythms. As we evolve in the journey of life our homes should too. Our health and happiness is deeply connected to the way in which connect to proportion, space, and light. The world has changed, and people are living differently. It is deeply rewarding to help people consciously choose how they live.

I view myself as a super connector and an expert guide for buyers and sellers. We bring people and properties together in a way that no one else does. For my entire career I have dedicated myself to my customers, and honing my craft. I have an intimate knowledge of people and place with an innate gift for distilling deals, negotiating, and a deep understanding of the nuances of human nature.

We have a refreshingly holistic approach to the real estate industry with the diligence and business acumen to get it done. We are humble and hardworking, and dedicated to providing a more joyful and effective experience for you.

We look forward to customizing an action plan for you. When that itch for change becomes a must we would be honored to help you navigate through the process.

I’d rather be… hiking a very tall mountain or skiing…staring at the moon… reading

Recharge place… immersed in creative cooking or communing w nature in Telluride. forest bathing.

Best daily habit… dandelion celery cilantro juice ..meditation

Worst daily habit… overindulging in seriously dark chocolate

Passionate about… high vibration clean eating… saving pollinators… sacred geometry… healing architecture and design… lowering emf exposure… helping people on their journey

What would you put on a billboard… what you think you become… choose your thoughts wisely… serve others… be grateful

If I could wave a wand… I’d make sure everyone had access to organic no gmo foods… sprinkle fairy dust to infuse the planet w kindness

Totem animal… monarch butterfly

Guilty pleasure… binge watching documentaries… warm fresh croissant w dark chocolate and homemade raspberry jam… carmelized bananas w cinnamon…yum

Still working on… mastering the art of a balanced life…Growing vegetables and fruit trees… off the grid eco living…Bee keeping and making honey

Favorite Movies… Jeremiah Johnson, Queen of the Sun, Dirt, and Finding Joe

If you could time travel would you go to the past or the future… I much prefer to stay in the present.

3311-3315 Jarrettsville Pike
Monkton, MD 21111
2501 Pocock Road
Fallston, MD 21047
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3908 Charles St Unit 1300
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Worthington Valley
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