John SimmondsAgent

John has chosen to lead an interesting and varied life, and it doesn’t look to be settling down anytime soon. Born in England, John showed a passion for traveling very early on, which pointed towards studying foreign languages at Universities in England, Germany and Spain. That led to living in London, Valencia and Frankfurt, after which Los Angeles became his home for twenty years. In that time he worked for various movie studios as a writer and researcher, and subsequently obtained a Masters degree in Asian Medicine, practicing acupuncture and herbalism in Los Angeles, Costa Rica and Baltimore.
Unwittingly, he and three companions won some gold medals at the International Martial Arts tournament in Taiwan, a story best told over adult beverages, and then subsequently started a family and had two amazing children, Gretchen and Thorsten, who are a continuing motivator for him to be the best human and father.
A stint in real estate sales in Scottsdale, Arizona, was to prove useful in regenerating interest in the field, before joining the Krauss team in 2018.
Always on the move, John is happy when engaging with others, and the fun part of real estate is establishing new relationships that become binding over time.

I’d rather be…..
I wouldn’t rather be anything or anywhere. Soon enough things change as all things are temporary. Just be patient and (try and) enjoy the moment.

Favorite place to unplug/recharge?
Nosara, Costa Rica. We lived there for three years in the jungle by the beach and enjoyed a much slower-paced and simpler lifestyle.

I’m passionate about…
Kids. Especially my own. I think that change begins with children and the way we interact with each child is tremendously important as we never know which moments catalyze the initiation of their coming of age.

Totem animal:
According to the internet my totem animal is a bear – Which is funny, as my daughter always says that I am as strong as a bear. Bears are superpredators, though, so that’s not something to aim for.

Best habit:
Completion of tasks in a timely fashion.

Worst habit:
Disciplinarian expectations.

I love milk chocolate and am very picky about it. Trader Joe’s Swiss chocolate with hazelnuts. If you want me to share you better be on your toes.

Would post a billboard saying:
Calm down, and then calm down some more.

Favorite gadget:
iPhone X. Have to be careful with it as is can be an overindulgence.

If I could wave a magic want and change the world I would:
Make life simpler for kids – not too safe, though as we all need challenges, and fear can be a great mentor. With too many distractions, I feel that kids miss a lot of the magic of creativity. If our kids don’t get bored, then how can they tap into that creativity that leads to mental adventure? Reading nurtures the creativity of our kingdom of imagination. The more we read, the more creative we can become.

Favorite book/movie?
Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad – made into the movie “Apocalypse Now.” It deals with the issue of “coming of age” when we experience the heroic journey that leads to the understanding of self, the good parts and the bad parts, which are inextricable.

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