Melissa EdwardsAgent
Melissa joins Krauss after a career in the marketing industry. She received her Master’s Degree in Communications from Johns Hopkins and has a B.S. in Behavioral Health and Neuroscience from Penn State University. With more than 10 years of experience across the research, pharmaceutical, technology, and non-profit sectors, her diverse background brings a dynamic and results-oriented vision to the team. Most recently, she’s worked with several pharmaceutical clients, managing high-profile product launches, budgets, and timelines. Melissa knows the importance and meaning of home having lived in Washington D.C., San Francisco, London, and now residing in Sparks, MD. She has a deep understanding and appreciation for the needs of others and is excited to pursue a new career path that allows her to help people find their dream homes.
Favorite place to unplug/recharge: In the mountains…hiking, skiing,
or exploring…surrounded by the trees and birds.
Totem animal: The Crow…the power of sight, transformation, and
connection with life’s magic.
Worst habit: Biting my nails when I’m stressed…
Best habit: Putting myself in someone else’s shoes…listening and
Secret hidden talent: Having a green thumb…gardening and creating
environments for pollinators to thrive.
Would post a billboard saying: I am thankful for today, I am grateful
for today, I’m alive.
Passionate about…Animals, Gardening, Travel, Family